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CARCO Inspection Services: Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Q. What is the purpose of this inspection?
A. Your state requires an auto photo inspection for the protection of you and of your insurance company. The inspection is designed to document the existence of the vehicle, its physical condition and existing options and accessories. The ultimate goal of vehicle pre-insurance inspection is to help reduce the cost of automobile physical damage insurance coverage (collision and comprehensive) by accurately documenting your vehicle, and greatly reducing the possibility of fraudulent claims.

Q. What will happen if I fail to have this inspection performed?
A. There is a regulation in states with mandatory inspection laws that requires vehicles subject to pre-insurance vehicle photo inspection to be completed within a grace period, which differs by state (listed below). If you do not comply within the allotted time, your physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) will be suspended at 12:01 A.M. the day after the end of the grace period.
State Grace Period: New York 5 Calendar Days

Q. What documents are needed for presentation to the inspection site?
A. Please bring any document that was provided to you by your broker or insurance company, which lists your insurance company's name, your policy number (if known) and a description of your vehicle. Your insurance company name (and broker if you have one) is most important! The document provided to you should be presented to the inspector for mailing to CARCO, along with your completed inspection report. These documents are used in processing your inspection report. However, if no documentation was provided by your broker or insurance company, you may still have your automobile photo inspection completed. Just be sure to provide your insurance company information to the inspector.

Q. What will take place during this inspection?
A. The CARCO inspector will complete a state-mandated inspection report form, noting the general condition of your vehicle, options, accessories, vehicle identification number (VIN), odometer reading, and other required information. The inspector will also take photographs of your vehicle (except in FL). You will then review and sign the inspection report. At the completion of the vehicle photo inspection, you will be provided with a copy of the official report, which should be retained for your personal records, or provided to your broker if it's requested. The original inspection report, with photos, will be processed by CARCO and forwarded to your insurance company.

Q. Is there a fee for the inspection and how long will it take?
A. There is NO CHARGE to you for the photo inspection, which takes approximately 15 MINUTES to complete, including the report and photographs.


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