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Belts & Hoses



Just about every late model car and truck use a serpentine drive belt. It is a single ribbed belt that drives all the accessories, A/C, Power Steering, alternator and various other pumps and accessories. They should require no maintenance unlike their predecessors the V-Belt that needed periodic adjusting. But the fact of the matter is they don't last forever and they do need to be inspected often to keep you from getting stuck. If it starts to go bad, you can replace it at a time of your choosing and not when the belt decides for you. Checking ribbed drive belts at every oil change is a good idea, and the position of the self-adjusting    mechanism indicator, will insure you catch a bad belt long before it snaps. Let us do it for you so we can keep you on the road.



One of the most common sources of coolant leaks besides a faulty water pump is the heater hoses. These hoses allow hot coolant to enter and leave the heater core to heat the interior of the vehicle. Over time these hoses will get hard and brittle   and can crack or break. Give the hoses a feel.* Hoses should not be excessively hard, brittle, soft, mushy, or swollen. If they are, replace them as soon as you can. Even if you are in doubt and they are more than four or five years old, let one of our trained ASE-Certified Technicians replace them just to be safe and check your water pump along with your entire HVAC system so we can keep you on the road.

*CAUTION! Do not replace the hoses on a hot engine. Make sure the engine is cold before attempting this. Failure to do so can result in serious burns or other serious injuries

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